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Church Leadership Connection

Church Leadership Connection (CLC) is the Internet-based matching and referral system of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Consultants are available by calling 1.888.728.7228 x8550 or sending an email to

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CLC Update: New Narrative Questions for non-Teaching Elder Call Seekers

In early March 2018, a couple of updates that affect call seekers who are not Ministers of Word and Sacrament or Candidates will go into effect:

  • Those who are not ordained Teaching Elders (TE’s) or Candidates will be asked to respond to slightly modified narrative questions that are parallel to the current questions, and
  • Only those positions that do not require ordination as Teaching Elder will be displayed for “Position Type.”

These changes will only affect new Personal Information Forms (PIF’s) being entered after the March 2018 update. Those who already have PIF’s in the system will not be required to enter new PIF’s.

These changes are based on feedback that some of the current narrative questions do not pertain to those whose experiences may not be in congregational settings or to those who feel called to ministry settings other than a congregation. Additionally, there was feedback that those who are not ordained TE’s were being shown positions that required TE ordination and so were mistakenly self-referring to those positions.

We believe that only showing the position types that match the ordination status of each call seeker will simplify the position-type selection process and reduce confusion for call seekers and calling organizations. Since Commissioned Ruling Elders are commissioned to serve particular congregations through their presbyteries, we believe that this change will not adversely affect CRE’s at this time.

The questions have been modified, so that call seekers may draw from work experiences outside the church setting in their answers. The parallel structure of the new narrative questions should allow for search committees to consider TE and non-TE candidates side-by-side.

Those who are Ministers of Word and Sacrament and those who are Candidates for ordination as Ministers will continue to see the same narrative questions and position types.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact CLC at or 800.728.7228 ext. 8550.