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Certified Christian Educators

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Certification of Christian Educators Benefits the Entire Church


In recognition of the history and because of the importance of Christian education to the total ministry of the church, the PC(USA) seeks to recognize and to enhance the ministries of persons who serve as Christian educators within the church by certification that is granted at the end of an intense process of preparation, study, service, and examination.

Melissa Kirkpatrick Telling the Story in Worship

Our Reformed tradition values the call of the community and as members of that community, the congregation should encourage Christian educators to meet, or be prepared to meet, the certification requirements of educator certification with skills and training in biblical interpretation, Reformed theology, worship and sacraments, human growth and faith development, religious education theory and practice, and the polity, program, and mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

In recognition of the fact that there are only select places where someone may go to receive a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Christian education, educator certification has been designed so that many qualified persons who have entered the field through volunteer service and part-time employment in the field, may become certified. The process is designed to be a means of growth for the educator; not only measuring the educator’s competence but also helping the educator define needs for additional education. The Session of the educator’s congregation is encouraged to make continuing education funds and time available to those seeking certification.

A more expansive overview of the steps of the Christian Certified Educator process is available here (PDF). For more information about the endorsement process for Christian Education Associate and its steps, click here and here. (PDF)


Certified Christian Educators in the PC(USA)


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