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Certified Christian Educators

Training Materials For Education Certification Advisors


Educator Certification Advisors are critical in the certification process of an educator. Certification Advisors serve as the liaison to the presbytery, the Educator Certification Committee, and the educator. Certification Advisors also serve in an advocacy role with local church sessions and, occasionally, with the presbytery.

Zoom Gathering for Educator Certification Advisors

Educator Certification Advisors were recently invited to a gathering via Zoom for the purpose of training and talking together about updates. The recording of that September 2020 gathering is available here.

Mark Lampley teaching hygeine on a mission trip


The Educator Certification Handbook provides the standards and specific steps of the certification process as designated by the Educator Certification Committee. Designed for use by the Educator Certification Advisors appointed by presbyteries to support educators through the process, it is available here.

educator certification data system

All educator certification records are now managed online. Keep your contact information up-to-date and view the status and progress of your advisees by creating your account and logging into the data system. If you are already in our system, either as an Advisor or as a previously certified educator, use these instructions: Connect Your Previous Advisor Information to Your New Account

Forms for the Educator Certification Process*

Advisor's Summary of Evaluation (updated October 2018)
CCE Exam Guidelines for Readers 
CEA Resources for Further Study
CEA Process
Exam Readiness Form for Advisor Only (updated May 2018)
Examination Evaluation for Advisor Only
Guidelines for Reference Group Meetings
Reference Group Guidelines for Reading the CCE Exam  (updated January 2018)
Reflections on Learnings - Exam Response
Verification of Ministry (updated November 2017)
CCE Service of Recognition – Congregation
CCE Service of Recognition – Presbytery

*Adobe Acrobat is recommended for completing fillable PDF forms. Download a free version here.


Based on comments, questions, and observations by the Educator Certification Committee, brush up on some of the expectations of an Educator Certification Advisor by following these Best Practices for Advisors.


Become more familiar with the role of a Certification Advisor and the expectations therein through a series of videos and a PowerPoint presentation. You can expect to find out more about the relationship between the advisor, the educator, the reference group, the presbytery and the Educator Certification Committee, while also becoming more familiar with the steps of the certification process and how the advisor is involved in each step.

Videos: Watch the introduction video and the video for those advising a CCE educator. With the changes to the CEA process in 2021, a new training video has not yet been created but please contact Martha Miller for a link to the recording of the Zoom training event held in January 2021 for that information.

PowerPoint: Full text is available in the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation. Reading these along with the slides will be most helpful. Get started with the presentation.


Reference Group members are critical in the exam phase of the educator certification process. Not only do they provide much needed support but they are also the first readers of the exam prior to its submission. Certification Advisors are encouraged to send a link to this training to reference members as soon as they are on board to assist them in understanding their role in the process and the expectations involved. Please note that using the notes included with the PowerPoint are critical. Get started.

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