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Certified Christian Educators

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Educator Certification Committee Meetings and Exam Deadlines

Educator Certification Committee Upcoming Meetings: May 11–13, 2023

Exams will be read at the time of submission with evaluations sent to educators within two months of submission. Certification will take place only at meetings of the Educator Certification Committee.

Certification for Christian educators recognizes the preparation and performance of persons serving as church educators in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), sets standards for Christian educators, and provides support for professional development.

This process is an affirmation of the importance of education to the total ministry of the Church. Christian educators seeking to be credentialed have two paths which vary based on education, training, and evaluation requirements. Use these buttons to explore certification as a Certified Christian Educator or endorsement as a Christian Education Associate.



CCE—Certified Christian Educator

Ministry Experience and Educational Requirements for the Certified Christian Educator
Persons seeking certification as Certified Christian Educators (CCE) must meet the following minimum requirements scenarios:

  • Membership in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)
  • Hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Experience (volunteer or employed) of one year full-time or its equivalent in Christian education ministry leadership within a PC(USA) congregation, council, or agency.
  • Completion of an online application including all electronic transcripts and a current position description/confirmation of volunteer hours.
  • Completion of certification-approved courses in the following knowledge/skill areas (a list of approved courses for PC(USA) educator certification and standards related to their content can be found here) –
    • At least 3 course credits or 30 hours** in each of the following areas: Biblical Interpretation, Reformed Theology, Religious Education Theory and Practice, Worship and Sacraments, Human Growth and Faith Development (within the last 15 years), Presbyterian Polity, and Presbyterian Program and Mission
  • Completion of a certification exam under the direction of the Educator Certification Committee.
  • Completion of Reference Group process.
  • Verification of current employment or volunteer work in educational ministry leadership for at least ten (10) hours per week, accountable to a board, agency, or council of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) upon completion of the examination

Steps in the Certified Christian Educator Process
The process leading to certification varies according to one's educational background, previous experience, and level of certification. Getting as much information as one can as early in the process as possible will greatly simplify the process and reduce frustrations. Please download the document that outlines the complete requirements and process for the CCE here.

  1. Application
  2. Examination and Reference Group Process
  3. Certification


CEA—Christian Education Associate

Requirements for the Christian Education Associate
The process for Christian Education Associate (CEA) is designed to recognize the role and status of the Educator with or without formal academic training. The Educator Certification Committee (ECC) recognizes that many of those who are serving in educational ministries in churches and presbyteries have responded to a need and/or a call, even though they had little training or preparation for the ministry. The goal of the CEA endorsement process is to introduce the educator to basic knowledge and skills related to Christian Education and to whet their appetites so that they will want to pursue further course work and move toward the Certified Christian Educator level.

Steps in the Christian Education Associate Process
Please download the documents that outline the complete requirements and steps for the CEA:

Christian Education Associate Requirements and Steps of the Process

Detailed Navigation of the CEA Steps

  1. Application
  2. Online Initial Assessment—Click here for the CEA Baseline Knowledge for Content Areas
  3. Plan of Study—Click here for CEA Resources for Further Study
  4. Final Assessment
  5. Endorsement

Requirements for the Christian Education Associate
Persons seeking endorsement as Christian Education Associates (CEA) must complete the following requirements:

  • Membership in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
  • Active in educational ministry within a PC(USA) congregation, council, or agency.  Completion of an online application.

  • Completion of an online initial assessment for each content area. Results of the initial assessments will determine where further study is needed.

    • Content areas for the CEA are Biblical Interpretation, Reformed Theology, Religious Education Theory and Practice, Human Growth and Faith Development, Worship and Sacraments, and Presbyterian Polity, Program, and Mission.

  • The educator will be directed to develop a plan of study with their Advisor using a variety of resources to deepen understanding in the content area.

  • Successful completion of the online final assessment for each content area.


Application for Educator Certification

After reviewing the information above, use the following links to create an account in the data system and begin the application process:

Leigh Anne Ring leading Vacation Bible School

Please note that to complete the CCE application, you will need an electronic copy of all academic transcripts as well as a current position/volunteer description. Contact Martha Miller, PC(USA) educator certification manager at with any questions. Welcome to the educator certification process!


Educator Certification Courses

Requirements for educator certification include fulfilling knowledge and skill area coursework. As courses are approved, they are added here and are listed by date, subject and location.


Already a certified educator or currently in the certification process?

Connect to our new educator certification data system to keep your contact information up-to-date and to see your progress in the process at any time. Use these instructions to create your account and log in: Instructions for Connecting a Previous Certification and Instructions for Connecting Certification Information. Watch these instructional videos to assist you in creating an account and then updating your profile once the account is created and connected.



For assistance in seeking a call as a Christian Educator, these resources are provided for you.