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Committee on Representation

Membership and Staff


The following is a list of committee members by class, and the committee staff.

Class of 2020

Mr. Byron Elam
Synod of Living Waters
Presbytery of the Mid-South

Rev. Dr. Taejinn Hahn
Synod of the Pacific
Presbytery of San Jose

Ms. Treena Parvello
Synod of the Southwest
Presbytery De Cristo

Dr. Raj Nadella
Synod of the South Atlantic
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Rev. Rubén Ortiz Rodríguez, Moderator
Sínodo Presbiteriano de Boriquén en Puerto Rico
(Synod of Boriquen, Puerto Rico)
Presbiterio del Suroeste

Rev. Eric Thomas
Synod of the Northeast
Presbytery of New York City

Ms. Aida Faris
Synod of the Sun
Mission Presbytery

Rev. Dr. Catherine Knott
Synod of Lincoln Trails
Ohio Valley Presbytery

Class of 2022

Ms. Ajah Hales
Synod of the Covenant
Presbytery of the Western Reserve

Rev. Anna Kendig
Synod of Lakes and Prairies
Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area

Mr. Michael Hauser
Synod of Mid America
Presbytery of Southern Kansas

Rev. John Molina-Moore
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic
National Capital Presbytery  

Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia
Synod of the Northeast
Presbytery of New York City

Ms. Maribeth Culpepper, Vice-Moderator
Synod of the Southwest
Presbytery of Santa Fe

Rev. Oghene’tega Swann
Synod of the Trinity
Beaver-Butler Presbytery 

Rev. Dr. William Yoo
Synod of South Atlantic
Cherokee Presbytery


Rev. Molly Casteel
Assistant Stated Clerk and Manager for
Equity and Representation


Adebisi Shofu
REAC - Racial Equity Advocacy Committee

Courtney Steininger
ACWC - Advocacy Committee for Women's Concerns



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