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Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional Interpretation is a department of the Office of the General Assembly concentrating on the form of government and church polity,  judicial process, and immigration law and policy.

Through Advisory Opinions (AO), the Stated Clerk offers a well-researched opinion on a provision or interpretation of the Constitution that is not clearly defined in the church’s life. A Constitutional Musing (CM) is intended as a helpful reflection by OGA on a particular issue currently being considered by many councils. Neither AOs or CMs are binding and do not constitute an Authoritative Interpretation (AI), which is an interpretation of the Constitution that carries the authority of the General Assembly and is binding on the councils of the church.

The Office of Immigration Issues is a resource for Presbyterians, congregations and councils seeking to discern a faithful response to national and local immigration issues.

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Associated Committees/Commissions

Advisory Committee on the Constitution
Advisory Committee on Litigation
General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission
Special Committee on Existing Authoritative Interpretations

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Laurie Griffith
Associate Director for
Constitutional Interpretation
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Flor Vélez-Díaz
Manager for Judicial Process
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Diane Minter
Program Assistant for Administration
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