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Constitutional Interpretation

The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) consists of two parts: Part one is The Book of Confessions,  and part two, the Book of Order, consisting of the Foundations of Presbyterian Polity, Form of Government, Directory for Worship, and Rules of Discipline.


boc coverThe Book of Confessions, containing historical statements of what we as a church believe, is available in several forms.

You can download:
The Book of Confessions in English
Libro de Confesiones en Español (2016 version)
The Book of Confessions in Korean (2016 version)

You can use this searchable online version, or you can purchase a printed version from Presbyterian Distribution Service.

Learn more about the Confessional Banners (PDF)
Los Estandartes Confesionales (PDF)
신앙 고백 표지들 (PDF)

Order The Book of Confessions Order The Book of Confessions in Korean




boo coverThe Book of Order 2019-2021 is Part II of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It includes:

  • Foundations of Presbyterian Polity
  • Form of Government
  • Directory for Worship 
  • Rules of Discipline

You can download:

The Book of Order (2019-2021) in English (PDF)
The Book of Order (2017-2019) (en Español) (PDF)
The Book of Order (2017-2019) (한국어) (PDF)
The Book of Order (2017-2019) (bahasa Indonesia) (PDF)

You can purchase the print version of the Book of 2019-21 from the PCUSA Store.




The Annotated Book of Order 2017-2019 is Now Available

This annotated searchable version of the Book of Order includes the history of amendments since 1983, and allows you to search for a word or phrase in the Annotated Book of Order.

How to Find the Annotated Book of Order:

Image of instructions for the annotated book of order










 Advisory Handbook for Councils for the Development of Policies and Procedures Required by the Form of Government.

Additional resources for the new Form of Government

  • General resources
  • Background articles
  • PowerPoint slides on new Book of Order
  • Video series by Stated Clerk, Gradye Parsons

Learn more.


The following publications are the product of assemblies past and stepping stones for future insight and discernment: