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Christian Educators

Certification for educators


Educator Certification Committee Meetings and Exam Deadlines

Educator Certification Committee Fall Meeting: October 22, 2015

Exams will be read at the time of submission with evaluations sent to educators within two months of submission. Certification will take place only at biannual meetings of the Educator Certification Committee.

Certification for Christian educators recognizes the preparation and performance of persons serving as church educators in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), sets standards for Christian educators, and provides support for professional development.

This process is an affirmation of the importance of education to the total ministry of the Church.

The process toward educator certification includes several steps

Additional resources you will find on this page:

Application for Educator Certification
Educator Certification Courses
Already a certified educator?
Certification Advisors
Educator Certification Committee
Spread the word about Certification
Educators reflect on their experience in the certification process

Application for Educator Certification

If you are interested in finding out more about the educator certification process and plan to submit an application, read this overview.

Download an application for Certified Christian Educator or Christian Education Associate once you have determined the level at which you will enter. The applications are fillable PDF forms and should be filled out electronically. Applications must be completed on Adobe Reader 9 or above. Do not use the built-in application found on your computer. If you do not have, or are unsure if you have, Adobe Reader 9 or above, you can install it from Adobe's website. When completed and saved as a PDF, application should be submitted electronically to

To become connected to an Education Certification Advisor in your presbytery or a surrounding presbytery, if necessary, use this presbytery map and this list of presbytery-approved Educator Certification Advisors.  This connection is required at the time of application.

Educator Certification Courses

Requirements for educator certification include fulfilling knowledge and skill area coursework. As courses are approved, they are added here and are listed by date, subject and location.

Already a certified educator?

Update your contact information.

Certification advisors

Educator Certification Advisors are appointed by the presbytery and approved by the Educator Certification Committee. Resources, including the Educator Certification Handbook and online training components are available.

Educator Certification Committee

The Educator Certification Committee (ECC) is the elected body charged with establishing the certification standards, evaluating certification exams, and approving Educator Certification Advisors.

Current members of the ECC are:

  • Class of 2016: Hugh Anderson, Susan Sharp Campbell, Sung Hee Chang, Kathy Dawson, Mary  Marcotte
  • Class of 2018: Jenna Campbell, Craig Foster, Don Griggs, Jon Reinink
  • Appointed by Union Presbyterian Seminary: Cindy Kissel-Ito
  • Appointed by Association of Presbyterian Church Educators: Priscilla Andre-Colton
  • Office of Vocation Staff: Martha Miller, ex-officio member

Members of the Committee are nominated through the General Assembly Nominating Committee process. To apply for nomination, visit the nominations website.

Find the list of certified Christian educators in the PC(USA) here

Spread the word about Certification

Do you know an educator who is considering certification or who needs more information about the process? An educator certification bookmark may be just what is needed. Order these free bookmarks that introduce the process.

Order Educator Certification Bookmarks
PDS # OGA07054.

For a larger quantity, contact the Office of Certification.

Educators reflect on their experience in the certification process

“My awareness of myself as a Christian educator has been strengthened as I have been challenged to reach for this level of professional accomplishment. My desire for excellence in my calling to Christian education remains.”

“A brilliant part of the certification process is having ‘seasoned’ educators with whom I can share and receive ideas that will only strengthen my calling as a Church Educator.”

"Thank you for this opportunity to reflect, to stretch and to be affirmed in this important ministry.”

“I love being a Christian educator and feel called to the ministry of education. I’m not sure where God is taking me, but I am excited.”

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  1. The first step in beginning the educator certification process is to fill out an application (available at the link above). As a part of completing this, you will need to be connected to a Certification Advisor in your presbytery/area (contact list available with the application) and will need to provide information about ministry experience, current church membership. current position description, educational transcripts, and courses taken to meet the educational requirements. Upon submitting this information you are officially in the process and your information is updated as requirements are met. An overview of what is required and the steps of the process is also available along with the application.

    by Martha Miller

    January 25, 2016


  2. I am currently an interim youth director in at Dorchester Presbyterian Church in Summerville, SC and am interested in becoming a certified Christian Educator. I have an undergraduate degree in English and an MBA. Please advise on how I an begin this process. Thank you

    by Andi Stem

    January 24, 2016


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